We are a transparent organisation!

Do you want to know who is benefitting from your kind gifts?

Thanks to our small size, we are able to regularly report where your donation goes and what difference it makes.

We are starting today by presenting our new sponsored student – Elizabeth, who thanks to her Swedish sponsor Malin are able to start preschool any day now!

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Send a girl to school – now with only a Swish transfer away!


Preventing early marriage, early childbirth, poor health, etc. etc.

Education is the key! Send a girl to school for less than $ 0,5 (4 SEK; 0,4 EUR; 0,4 GBP) a day.

It’s next to nothing for you but means a bright future for her and everyone around her

Our organization is entirely based on voluntary work. No intermediaries – everything go straight to the purpose

Learn more about our Sponsorship Program HERE and how you become a sponsor HERE.

“Outreach” in the rural areas oustide Kampala

In addition to all the important local work My Afrika Volunteers are doing in Kisaasi and around, they also extend to families in rural areas through so-called outreaches.

The clothes and toys are collected by the staff of the Center and by our friends in Sweden.

Do you want to be a part of our wide spread and life changing work?
We need support and sponsors in different areas.

Read more here and send us your thoughts on how you would like to participate
by email, Facebook or Instagram!

Workshops during the holiday

Every year My Afrika Volunteers together with Kisaasi Parish Church arrange a three day seminar for adolescents in the nearby communities. The aim is to teach life skills like knitting, baking, photographing and computer use. But also to raise awareness around environmental problems, health issues and family values. There is also an opportunity for private sessions with an educated counsellor from the center.

Of course the packed program includes time for play and sports with the sponsored gear from our sponsors!

Lots of Laptops at the Center!

The computers are serving their purpose

For most computers are rare (even for those who have the opportunity to go to school) but thanks to the center and its volunteers these kids can learn how to work on them, a great skill for the future!

Our sponsors brought even more laptops when they visited Uganda and the center a few weeks ago.